Courtesy of MILL DISTRICT HEALDSBURG, ISSUE NO.42 | April 2023.

Making Cabinets Beautiful 

Attention to detail and a sophisticated interior design aesthetic are two of the characteristics that make Mill District’s Canopy residences so special.

Cabinetry is a huge part of both, and MandiCasa, our cabinet partner, is second to none.

The Los Angeles-based, family-owned company brings a dose of Italian elegance to all its luxury homes. MandiCasa cabinets are made in Italy and part of a luxury collection curated by Dario Snaidero, who still serves as the company’s president. His son, Alberto, runs the company as CEO, and has been working closely with Mill District on developing a signature look for our Canopy homes here in Healdsburg.

The Snaidero family has been offering cabinetry to the American market for almost a century. They hail from a small artisan town near the Austrian and Slovenian border named Majano and Alberto’s grandfather started building cabinets there in the 1940s. Later, he passed these skills to Dario, who came to America and started the company.

Dario Snaidero’s 45 years of experience in cabinetry influences most of the designs. He and Alberto (and some of Alberto’s cousins, who also are in the business) regularly return to Italy to get inspiration, source material, and check on manufacturing. The duo were just there earlier this month.

As for the name, MandiCasa is both personal and practical. “Mandi” in Italian is a salutation that means, “Hello” or “How are you?” It conveys a warm and welcome greeting. “Casa” in Italian means home. Put the words together and the company’s moniker simultaneously represents the family’s heritage and the brand goal of creating a welcoming home.

“Everything about this company is part of who we are,” said Alberto Snaidero. “That’s what makes us excited to bring our cabinets to exceptional American homes.”

“Canopy residences are luxurious and high-end right in downtown Healdsburg,” Alberto Snaidero said recently. “The modern architecture fits perfectly with our product.” MandiCasa cabinets are featured prominently in our kitchens, running from floor to ceiling. As well as the floating vanities in our bathrooms and laundry room cabinets.

We are proud to partner with MandiCasa and offer such beautifully crafted cabinets to our homeowners.

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Rendering above features MandiCasa cabinetry in our Flats kitchen. 

Below is a rendering of CANOPY MILL DISTRICT |  HEALDSBURG.

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