Large luxury kitchen with functional workstation hidden behind pocket doors


Kitchen, dining and living areas are merging more and more into one fluid environment. This home trend brings out the need to blend functionality and aesthetics in new ways as the kitchen transforms into more than mere cooking space.

MandiCasa’s luxury workstations, storage systems, and extendable surfaces help you achieve that goal.

Wing: Kitchen Wall System

The Wing cabinet features handleless pocket doors that fold out of view to the sides of the unit to reveal a fully equipped storage area / workstation.

Elements available to customize the unit include drawers, open shelves, a backlit accessorized panel, counter space, a pull-out stainless steel worktop, and appliances cabinets.

Wing cabinets can be paired together, with each unit dedicated to specific functions. They can stand alone or integrate within the pantry wall. When the pocket doors are closed, the element becomes a sophisticated furnishing solution that bridges across kitchen and living spaces.

Hide: Functional Workstations

With Hide, all the functional areas of the kitchen can remain out of view when not in use. The system expands the Wing concept even further, creating luxury workstations that bring kitchen, dining, and living room together and are ideal for entertaining guests at home.

Every Hide unit comes with bi-folding pocket doors and even more space to organize to one’s needs with appliances cabinets, open shelves systems, drawers, storage racks, sinks and cooktops. The finishes can match the rest of the kitchen to create effortless visual continuity, while the placement of the lights inside the unit enhances the appeal of the system and the entire design.

Mover: Countertop Storage System

Mover is designed to make the most of the wall space under the upper cabinets, behind the kitchen’s worktop. A vertical sliding panel gives access to a storage unit customizable with open shelves and racks to keep glassware, utensils, containers, and other often-used kitchen items close at hand.

When not needed, the items disappear by simply sliding the panel upwards. The silent rails ensure constant fluid movement.

Both inside and outside, the unit can match the finishes of your MandiCasa kitchen, giving the wall space an elegant clutter-free aesthetic at all times.

Corner: Extendable Surfaces for the Kitchen Island

Corner is a snack counter system made to expand the usable surface of the kitchen island. A recessed sliding mechanism with aluminum tracks allows the counter to slide out diagonally, almost doubling the worktop space, and then retreat onto the island when no longer needed.

Corner is available for MandiCasa’s wood veneered snack counters with 45° edges and straight-edged Fenix laminate tops.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors give designers great freedom to hide passageways connecting the kitchen to adjacent rooms, wine cellars, wet kitchens or pantry areas.

Available in the same finish as the tall cabinets, the doors maintain the visual continuity of the design.

For more solutions to elevate the functionality and beauty of your kitchen design, see our kitchen cabinetry systems or visit your nearest MandiCasa showroom for a kitchen design consultation.

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