Modern kitchen with cabinetry in gres, micalized lacquer, glass and walnut wood


Our newest cabinetry styles reflect the hottest luxury trends for modern kitchens and showcase the artistry and attention to detail that define all of MandiCasa’s Made-in-Italy designs.              


Riga is a line of ribbed wood kitchen cabinetry; the result of a detailed 3D manufacturing process. The ribbed surface plays with light and shadows, bringing a sense of movement to the cabinets and elevating the tactile and visual experience of the kitchen.

The choice between a push-pull opening mechanism or a round groove with easy grip eliminates the need for visible handles, delivering modern functionality while maintaining the integrity of the ribbed doors.

Riga is available in a range of wood veneers, including light and dark flamed oak finishes, walnut, and a richly-toned thermal-treated oak, each providing a different visual effect.

The Riga cabinets can be used on tall, wall, and base units or even just on drawers as accents within a kitchen with flat doors in the same wood finish.


Sophisticated and essential, the Diamond cabinets are made with state-of-the-art machines to bring you kitchen designs that are impeccable in both function and aesthetic.

These modern cabinets blend clean lines and refined details, with the unique handle integrated within the door and combined with a flat or round groove.

For Diamond, you can choose matte or embossed lacquers to highlight the minimalism of the cabinets, or one of our new Technolac Lux lacquers to give texture and depth to the doors. Made with a metal base, the innovative Technolac Lux finishes produce scratch-resistant, 3D surfaces that play softly with the light, amplifying the luxury feel of your kitchen.


The Skyline kitchen cabinets combine different materials in a single, expertly crafted element.

The structure of the cabinet doors is in black anodized aluminum while the fronts bring the kitchen to life through the choice of three refined materials: Gres, Corian, and Tempered Glass.

The Gres finishes offer a stoneware look that gives grace and character to the kitchen. Since it works equally well for cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes, Gres allows you to create the “monolithic” aesthetic that is in demand in luxury kitchen design, and used especially for the islands with stunning results. Beauty combines with functionality, as Gres is a recyclable material resistant to chemical agents, scratches, and high temperatures.

Corian is a solid, non-porous finish that guarantees longevity and easy maintenance, making it a practical solution for modern kitchens that are used more and more as multipurpose, heavy-duty living spaces.

Finally, Tempered Glass – available in polished, satin, and metallic finishes – is a very resistant, fracture-safe material that brings luminous reflections to the cabinets.

Combine Riga, Diamond, and Skyline with any other MandiCasa cabinetry model to design highly personalized modern kitchen spaces.

All cabinetry styles are available in North America through MandiCasa’s flagship showrooms and authorized dealers. 

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