Preserving the Past, Embracing the Present: The Rumson Project, NJ

In the charming town of Rumson, New Jersey, a captivating architectural tale unfolds as a homeowner embarks on a journey to preserve the heritage of the past while infusing modernity into their abode. In this blog, we delve into the artistic vision and careful design curation that transformed this dwelling into a captivating haven.

Honoring the Heritage

The owner of this residence understood the significance of maintaining the warmth and character of the existing arches and wooden beams that graced the kitchen and breakfast area. By doing so, they ensured that the essence of the past was not lost, and a sense of continuity prevailed throughout the house.

MandiCasa Luxury Kitchen

The heart of any home lies in the kitchen, and for the Rumson Project, the quest was to create contemporary cabinetry that coexisted harmoniously with the traditional elements while adding state of the art, functional appliances. The MandiCasa Yota in Micalized Ardesia and Terra Knotted Oak wood finishes were a perfect choice for the kitchen cabinets, exuding timeless elegance. Paired with wooden stools at the rectangular table, the design seamlessly melded the past and present, evoking a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

An Island of Fuctionality

To add a touch of drama and modern flair, the kitchen island became the focal point of the space. Adorned in the captivating cabinetry in Micalized Ardesia finish and countertop in Laminam Ossido Nero, with the sinks equipped with workstations it stood in the center of the space creating the ideal area for meal preparation and cooking. This bold move not only infused an air of sophistication but also amplified the visual allure of the room.

Breakfast Room

Where art meets craftsmanship stepping into the breakfast area, one is captivated by a round wood table, a true masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship. This exquisite piece artfully complements the two MandiCasa Yota cabinet elements in Terra Oak knotted wood that flank the original 2005 fireplace. The room becomes a sanctuary of art and design, where contemporary aesthetics blend effortlessly with heritage-inspired elements

Functional Spaces, Timeless Design

Adjacent to the kitchen, the MandiCasa cabinets and shelves pantry in Terra knotted Oak wood and Laminam Ossido nero counter and backsplash are perfect examples of functional storage for various types of food and small appliances.

A Living Space for Free Time

In a different part of the home, the homeowner can now enjoy the new media room designed with the MandiCasa contemporary cabinetry in White Gloss White lacquer built with many storage solutions as drawers and base cabinets with doors. A wonderful choice for a cozy space for hosting a party or listening to music with family and friends.

Mastering the Storage

For the master bedroom the MandiCasa customizable, walk-in Cabina closet in Easy Oak and Pique’ finishes is the ideal choice for the homeowner’s access to their entire wardrobe, shoes and fashion accessories.

A Story Told in Design

The Rumson Project narrates a compelling story through its meticulous design choices. Each room echoes a sense of aesthetic coherence, a testament to the owner’s discerning eye for detail. The marriage of past and present is palpable, showcasing a home where history and innovation intertwine with grace and beauty.

In Closing

The Rumson Project in New Jersey serves as an inspiring example of how preserving the past can be a harmonious and enriching journey when combined with contemporary sensibilities. With each design element thoughtfully curated, the Rumson Project stands tall as a testament to the reverence for heritage and an embrace of the future. This home embodies the essence of timelessness and elegance, where the beauty of history and modernity dance in unison, creating a living space that is both captivating and functional.


Project Team:

The MandiCasa New York Flagship showroom team, 

Julie DeVita Interiors, NJ in collaboration with Senior Design Consultant, Lorena Polon of MandiCasa New York Flagship showroom.

Appliances: Subzero-Wolf

Workstations: The Galley

Countertops Fabricator: Peter Brooks 

Kitchen, Pantry, Breakfast Countertops: Laminam North America

General Contractor: Monteforte Construction

Cabinetry Installer: TMI Group | Tom Miller, Custom Kitchen Installations

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