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Personalization is the #1 must-have in luxury home renovation and interior design projects, impacting choices both at the aesthetic and functional level. The MandiCasa Collection continues to grow to respond to this need, bringing refined customizable solutions to the elements that most contribute to the allure, livability, and value of the home: kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and interior doors.

When it comes to luxury closets, the personalization factor doesn’t just impact the organization and look of the storage space itself. It also includes the ability to customize, expand, and redefine the aesthetics and functionality of the walls, turning them into ‘living” features of the home. Here are just a few ways we can make that possible.

New “Dual” Closet Doors

Our new Dual door (shown to the right of this composition) consists of two panels joined in the middle through a recessed aluminum profile. This creates a consistent rhythm that defines the visual pace of the closet. The Dual model can be applied to swing and total-opening bi-folding doors. Wood, wood melamine, ceramic melamine, and lacquer finishes are available on these doors, with different finishes applicable to the two panels within the same door to open up new ways of personalizing the closet design.

Expanded Options For Corner Closets

The structural constraints of corners turn into opportunities thanks to the compositional flexibility of our luxury closets, with almost infinite options to envelop the walls of the home.

The width and depth of the two sides of the closet are mutually independent and fully customizable, to match the architecture of the space. A combination of swing doors and total-opening bi-folding doors in different widths makes every inch easily available. The side panel can be covered with a mirror, lacquered glass, or a Kera ceramic finish, to increase the visual impact and versatility of the design.

The outer corner closets rewrite the junction points of the room, transforming them into storage elements.

Each side of the outer corner closet can have its own character and functionality, each defining the personality of the space it faces in a different way. It’s a solution that can effectively separate an open floorplan into two distinct areas.

The glass doors feature a new Flat profile on the aluminum frame, and can open through a 95° or a 155° hinge (standard on outer corners, upon request on non-corner modules).

Dual Doors and Kera Finishes For Walk-In Closets

With Cabina, luxury walk-in closets become livable spaces, in a rhythm of alternating materials and functions, open and closed elements. The integration of the new, double-paneled Dual doors can create very dynamic compositions when paired with glass doors and wider modules. To complete the design with exquisite elegance, the new Kera ceramic finishes can be used for the interiors of the closet as well as on the accessories island sitting in the middle of the room.

Closet Lighting: A Refined Touch

Inside the closets, motion-activated sensor lights are embedded along the back of the minimalist-designed uprights and spread to the full height of the module. The strategic placement of the lights showcases both the contents of the closet and the beauty of the back panels, be they in a wood or Kera ceramic finish.   

It is a simple detail that goes a long way to elevate the design, turning the closet space into an art piece that reverberates its essence into the surrounding room.  

“Bridge” Closet Modules

In the new bridge modules, the structure adapts to the space and its function. The closet becomes a frame that can accommodate desks, beds or sofas, maximizing storage while incorporating other ‘living” functions. An array of door widths and heights, open elements, finishes, and accessories increase the aesthetic fluidity and compositional efficiency of the entire design, enhancing its personalization.

For even more solutions to achieve the optimal personalization of your luxury closets, see the breadth of our Made-in-Italy closet systems or visit your nearest MandiCasa showroom for a design consultation.

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