Micalized lacquers, modern kitchen finishes


Innovative lacquers are the new frontier of modern kitchen finishes.

Once upon a time, going with a lacquer kitchen meant choosing one or two colors and a matte or high gloss finish. Now, specialized manufacturing processes that mix new technologies with handmade details have opened the door to next-generation lacquers with very particular aesthetic effects that make them look like other materials while increasing their functional performance.

This means we can design one-of-a-kind modern kitchens with finishes that are visually intriguing as well as resistant to damage, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. 

Let’s take a look at some of these new lacquers and their properties.

Liquid Metal Lacquers

Winner of the innovation award at the Paris Sadecc show, MandiCasa’s liquid metal lacquers are the result of pioneering research on the use of metal pigments like bronze and tin for modern kitchen finishes.

Polishing and brushing techniques with special machinery help obtain the look of reflective metal, giving brightness and depth to the surfaces. A final coating protects them from oxidation and fading.

Tall units in Bronze LUX liquid metal lacquer.

Metallic Lacquers

A different manufacturing process yields another series of lacquers that look like metal and yet have a very distinct feel from the liquid metal lacquers.

The metallic lacquers appear as slightly satined with visible vertical lines that play with light and shadow. This results in cabinet surfaces with an elegant tridimensional quality that enriches the look of the kitchen.

MandiCasa’s range includes three metallic lacquers: Rame, Carbonio, and Ambra.

Modern kitchen island in Rame metallic lacquer.

Stone Lacquers

Another MandiCasa exclusive finish, these two lacquers (Fossil and Grafite) reproduce the aesthetic of stone materials with their textures, nuances, and natural imperfections. At the same time, they guarantee high resistance to scratches and wear and tear, adding functionality to beauty; an essential combination in modern kitchen design.

MandiCasa’s Yota kitchen with tall units in Fossil stone lacquer.

Micalized Lacquers

First used in the automotive industry, micalized lacquers use flakes of mica – a natural mineral – to yield a sophisticated finish with pearly tones and soft shades.

These cabinet surfaces are less reflective and more transparent than high gloss lacquers, creating a dialogue between color and light that ups the luxury and wow factor of modern kitchens.

MandiCasa’s micalized colors go from white to gradations of grey, blues, and black.

Modern kitchen with Yota cabinets in Peltro and Ardesia micalized lacquers.

Carbon Lacquer

An exclusive in the kitchen cabinetry industry, carbon lacquer is a MandiCasa finish inspired by the architecture and design trend of using corroded and stressed materials to add new life to simple shapes.

A layer of liquid clay applied by hand and exposed to drying agents creates a dark cabinet surface with a texture in relief and “burnt wood” effect. The result is not only aesthetically unique; it also offers excellent protection against wear and tear.

MandiCasa kitchen with tall units and upper cabinets in Nero carbon lacquer.

Urban Lacquers

This is another series of lacquers made to resemble metal surfaces, this time with characteristics that make them particularly suited for metropolitan, industrial, and even vintage-style kitchens.

A multi-layered process that combines technology and handmade steps gives the cabinet doors a “cloudy” effect where every panel is deliberately different from the next, as if it was a one-and-only piece of art.

The MandiCasa selection includes Urban Nichel, Urban Piombo, and Urban Ghisa, with tones going from brownish to grey and black.

Yota kitchen design with base cabinets in Piombo urban lacquer.

See MandiCasa’s collection to discover all the 150+ modern kitchen finishes and colors available for our cabinets.

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