Luxury kitchen using color therapy trends


Using the principles of color therapy, we can design luxury kitchens that are at once elegant, timeless, and full of character.

It is not just a matter of choosing the right shade (each color has many) but also the right finish. There are many innovative materials that bring additional nuances to the color, and characteristics like texture, matte, and high gloss can influence the end result, too.

Let’s take a look at our favorite color therapy trends for luxury kitchens.

Color Therapy: Yellow Kitchens

Yellow is a warm, happy, energizing color. It promotes socialization and interaction. It is one of the bolder color choices you can make in a luxury kitchen, but one that will give the design a unique personality.

  • Always pair a bright color like yellow with a neutral, darker one for balance.

MandiCasa’s Zolfo Yellow high gloss lacquer and Ghisa Urban lacquer – with its handmade “cloudy” finish – create a modern metropolitan aesthetic (header image).

  • Use the brighter color on the kitchen island; it is the center of the kitchen and a different color/finish will make it stand out.

Color Therapy: Red Kitchens

Red is another stimulating hue, and in color therapy it speaks of passion and self-confidence. In the kitchen, it is a color choice for those who march at the beat of their own drum. Red and black, in particular, make for a striking pair.

  • Bright red can be tiring, so we recommend opting for a cabinet finish that will soften it a bit.

Shown here in our Tau kitchen, MandiCasa’s Fenix NTM® are high-pressure laminates that produce extra-matte surfaces ideal to this end. Fenix laminates also feature thermal scratch repair and softness to the touch, adding functionality and a pleasant tactile quality to the kitchen cabinets.

Color Therapy: Blue Kitchens

Soothing and calming, blues can turn the kitchen into an oasis of peace.

  • Blue and white make for an elegant and light combo in the kitchen, especially in homes overlooking a body of water, bringing the interior in harmony with its surroundings.

In this Yota kitchen design, the deep tone of our Blue Petrolio micalized lacquer has a sophisticated pearly shine that changes with the light.

Color Therapy: Brown Kitchens

As the color of wood, brown connects us to the earth. In color therapy, it conveys strength, comfort, warmth, and as such is a great option for the kitchen, welcoming us with the safe embrace of home.

  • Being a neutral color, brown can be seen as a more “boring” choice. So, we suggest going with something a bit different, like textured finishes that provide visual depth.

This luxury kitchen offers a 3-tone variation of a brown palette. It uses a rich-brown thermo-treated oak wood on the tall units, MandiCasa’s Rame metallic lacquer (island and base cabinets) recalling the look of brushed metal, and Beton melamine for the Infinity wall boiserie. The result is anything but boring.

Color Therapy: Black and Gold Kitchens

Black and golden tones have quickly become synonym with luxury. They are both powerful colors. Gold speaks of abundance and vitality, sparking mental regeneration. Black can be grounding and calming, and provides an excellent contrast that makes other colors pop.

  • Balance the use of black and gold; neither should be overwhelming in the design.
  • Extra-matte or micalized lacquer surfaces are best for black, as they soften it. Black stones with lighter veins are also a sophisticated choice.
  • MandiCasa’s Bronze Lux liquid metal lacquer is an industry-exclusive finish with reflective golden tones. It is shown here on Yota cabinets paired with thermo-treated oak and Ethernal Marquinia silestone for a classic look.

Color Therapy: White Kitchens

White is still, without a doubt, the most popular choice for luxury kitchens. In color therapy, it is calming and healing. In interior design, it creates expansive environments. It is the best choice for smaller as well as large, cabinet-heavy kitchens. It is also a great companion for any other color, as well as light and dark woods.

  • MandiCasa’s range of white finishes includes Krion K-Life: an anti-bacterial, non-porous material more resistant to stains and marks than any other solid surface. When coming in contact with light, Krion initiates an auto-cleaning and purification process that eliminates toxins in the air.

See the MandiCasa kitchen collection to discover all the 150+ colors and finishes available for our cabinets.

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